“For a father it is extremely important to know somebody who has all the know-how and the educational experience at hand to help with decisions in the planning of the future of our children. As I travel a lot due to my business and I’m often outside of Europe, the idea of having somebody to talk to about my son´s education whom we can trust is of highest importance. It was not only his broad knowledge of educational systems – at times we discussed universities in Germany as well as institutions in the USA and Australia – that impressed me every time I spoke to Mr. Trueper. It was also his educational background and his ability to deal with young people, balancing between demand and challenge, on the one hand, and understanding on the other. I’ve never seen him as a teacher but I can well imagine that the students have profited highly from his talents as an educator.”

“A lot of this wonderful development has to do with Mr. Trueper, his professional knowledge, his skills, his ability to develop a strategy with and for a young student not yet sure where to go. Ever since, I have recommended him to a number of colleagues and friends and I’ve always been sure to receive good comments. He’s extremely reliable, he is successful with his recommendations, he is skilled and experienced after many years in different educational systems. He is able to support and detect talents and young students and help them and their decisions. We were always sure we could trust his expertise and rely on his suggestions and have never been disappointed. What I really appreciate is the fact that he keeps track of how his former clients – the students – develop.”

“I have known Campusmondi and Mr. Trüper who was the pioneer in Germany for this type of service, for many years, and  never have I hesitated to recommend them as one of the top services in their field of business for families in Germany. Their idea of catering to the needs of German and international families when they need to find the right university – thus the right career decision – very convincing. This is why, during the past for years, I have regularly been in contact with Mr. Trüper about every major step in my two sons´ educational and career development and I’ve never been disappointed. Personally, Mr. Trüper is a very skilled person, offering a valuable service with international perspective. I recommend him wholeheartedly. His experience cannot easily be matched. The services provided by Campusmondi are a much-needed answer to the deficits of schools and universities in Germany.”

“I know that a large part of my sons success is based on Mr. Trüper´s skills, his support and the fact that he has a clear understanding of what universities here in Germany and abroad require. I sat together with Mr. Trüper several times myself, mostly in Munich and I realized how much his wide experience -he has been a teacher, school head and has worked in the business sector as well – is of benefit to his clients. With his many years of consultancy work he has added tremendous value to his overall experience and his customers benefit greatly from this.”

(All references have been made anonymous.)